Ned and Kelly Davies - Green Cheek Conures - Born September 14, 2006 ----      (narrated by Ned and Kelly)

Ned: Bailup!  Alright, then... set the treats on the table and get your hands in the air.  Back away slowly and don't make any fast moves.  Just do what we want and nobody gets hurt, see?
Kelly: Easy on, there Ned!  Don't blow our cover so fast.  Last time you did that we landed in gaol!

Don't worry folks.  Ned talks tough but his screech is worse than his bite.

Ned: Don't be a galah, sis!  We're the Kelly Gang and we're ready for anything.  Mischief, mayhem, destruction and chaos!  We're fast, we're bad, and we're here to take over.

We're Bushparrots and we mean business!


Ned, I'm warning you.  I want no part of this.

Ned: I'm ready, I've got my armour on and I'm ready for a life of crime!

Of course I'll always be polite to the ladies and I'll only bite policemen.


Ned!  Where'd you get that helmet!?!?  Have you been pilfering things from the State Library of Victoria again?

Oh... if I can only figure out how to work this FAX machine, I'll dob you in for sure!


Ned: Kelly, sometimes you disappoint me.  No matter.  I'll just steal a sip of Dad's juice to quench my bushparrot thirst!
(sound effects, metal gate slamming shut)

Kelly: (to Ned) Now you've done it. You've landed us both in gaol!  (to you, dear web visitor) Know a good lawyer?

Ned: Arrr well, I suppose it has to come to this. Such... is life.