A Typical Day ----      (narrated by Laka)

A Typical Day Laka's Adoption 
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My day starts early.  I have my own bedroom and a special bed cage where I spend the night.  My bed cage is very small, but is big enough for me to sit without my head or tail touching the top or bottom of the cage.  It's too small for me to live in, but for sleeping, it's just fine.

Sometime between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m., Mum or Dad will come in and wake me up.  I'm often still asleep when they come in.

That was the case this morning.  Mum came in to get me just after 6:00.  I was startled a little when she flipped on the lights but I had a surprise for her, too.  You see... last night I figured out how to unlock the cage on my own.  so I had a little late-night party with the extra newspaper Mum keeps on top of my bed cage. 

Unfortunately the cage door closed on me and I couldn't get back in - so I had to sleep on the top instead of on my comfy bed perch.

See the Video Version of this...

One look at my room and you can see why Mum insists that I be locked into my bed cage at night.  She doesn't buy my alibi.  (Feb, 2008).

Well... I'm awake now... (and Mum sure is too!   Tee-hee-hee!)

Time to head down for brekkies!

Dad usually carries me downstairs, and I say "Hello, hello" all the way down just to let the other birds know that I'm coming.

A couple of times I've climbed through the rail and jumped on the banister to slide down on my own.  It didn't end well, though, because the handrail doesn't go all the way to the floor and I end up scooting off the end. 

Hmmm... maybe I'll just try it one more time and...

Woops!  Mum sees me.  She took this photo but then grabbed my little body and carried me down.

(Gosh, Mum... can't I have any fun????)


Time to get busy!  First, I help Mum check her email.  Then we pull up the website for our favorite newspaper, The Age. 
There's no email for me, so I might as well dismantle the keyboard.

I help Mum with the laundry.  I love to help with  Dad's shirts...

... esp. the buttons.  Here I am removing one from Dad's collar.  Mum doesn't seem to appreciate help.

(I don't know what her problem is...)

On special days, we head out to see friends.  Here's me and my new friend Yetismum (that's not her real name).  We've only just met, but look at the body language here.  Anybody can tell that we like each other a lot.  Yetismum even let me step up on her arm (I don't normally warm up to people so quickly, so Mum was really pleased that I was so sociable.  She must've said "good girl!" about a hundred times).

Mum and Dad know that it's important for me to learn good manners, so they've been introducing me around as much as possible.  They know that I'm probably going to outlive them by many, many years.  That means that it's important that I get along with other people so that one day (hopefully not too soon) I'll be a good girl when it's time for me to move to a new family.

Mum says that if I learn to be nice with most people, she'll take me around to schools and other places so that I can help educate people about companion parrots. 

And here's a video of me stepping on Yetismum's arm for the first time (wasn't she brave?!?!).


Mum had to take a break at this point... said she had a mess to clean up (tee-hee-hee!) - so the page here isn't finished.  But I'll be sure to get her back to work on it in the next day or so... please do bookmark this and come back so I can tell you about the rest of my day...