Laka Davies - Blue and Gold Macaw - Born July 1, 2006 ----      (narrated by Laka)

A Typical Day Laka's Adoption 
Window Warrior Harness Training for Laka  

Hi!  I'm Laka Davies.  I've got Mum and Dad wrapped around my little toe.

My name is a Hawaiian word that means "gentle".  I picked it out myself because it pretty much describes me.  But I sure did give Mum and Dad a run for their money at the start (you can read about that on my Adoption Story page).  Now that I've taught them respect, I'm pretty much a love bug and velcro bird.  Mum says I'm her own little Cuddlepie and sometimes calls me her little gumnut.  It's embarrassing, really, the way she carries on, but I humor her.  I know a good thing when I see it.

Humans don't always train easily, but these two are slowly catching on.  I've got a pretty good routine going here.  

I start my days with a nice long cuddle session with Mum and Dad.  I climb up into the human bed perch and we listen to the classical radio station and the news each morning.  Mum and Dad pet and scritch me and tell me what a good girl I am.  Yeah - it's a great way to start the day; puts me in a mellow mood.  Then I head downstairs for brekkies.  After that I sit with Mum and we listen to a little music in her office (and she clicks her fingers on that keyboard thing - I'm curious about that, but Mum won't let me play with it... don't know why not).  After a few cuddle and scritches, Mum helps me into my harness and we go for walkies around the neighborhood.  I just love going bye-bye!  The harness is a bit of a nuisance, but once it's on I'm happy to ride around on Mum's arm and enjoy an outing.  After walkies there's more snuggling and then lunch.  And so it goes throughout the day.  

I'm still learning how to hold things in my claw.

Ooops!  Oh, no!  I dropped it!

I can't reach it.  Hey, Mum...!

Ah...  Thanks, Mum!

Me and Mum are working on the right mix of "in the cage" time with socializing.  We both know that I need lots of companionship, but I also need to learn to handle being in the cage and entertaining myself with toys.  I've got a lot of toys, but I'm not really quite sure what to do with most of them.  Mum says I probably need to be shown how, but I don't get what she means by that.

Tea time!  And I've got a lovely biscuit with a dab of peanut butter - yum!

Peanut butter is tasty but can be a little messy.  A tiny dab has glued part of the biscuit to my beak.  Now what do I do?

Around 7pm I start to get tired and want bedtime.  If I don't get my way, I holler quite a bit until I get the point across.  It took a while to train them, but Mum and Dad did finally get picture about bedtime.

This is my chair.  I carved my name here on the top (see lower right of this photo).

Oh!  I missed a letter.

Mom took this photo fast and then grabbed me.  What's HER problem?!??!

I'm not quite sure what to make of Ned and Kelly (my conure siblings), but I'm definitely interested in Blue the canary.  Mum thinks I want to eat him (Blue thinks that, too) but I'm really just curious.  Blue is a puny little thing next to me.  My beak is bigger than his whole body!

We have wild cockatoos here.  They aren't allowed inside.  They sit on the rail outside the window  and stare at me.  They and the other wild parrots know there's food in the house so Mum and Dad have to be careful to make sure the doors are always closed, even when we're all in our cages.  We're pretty sure that at least some of those wild parrots would be happy to wander in and get a snack, so we're careful.

I sure do miss John and Miriam, my breeder family.  But Mum and Dad take me for visits and I get to snuggle with John.  He remembers me!  He says I look good and he lets me crawl all over him.

Well, time for me to head down to my cage now and see what there is to eat.