Jesse (Davies) Wilhoit - Catalina Macaw - born April 7, 2005

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(Update: in 2006 I immigrated to Australia with my husband.  We were not able to bring our American birds with us, due to import restrictions, and had to find homes for everyone.  Jesse now lives with my good friend Frank and Theresa, who I hear from regularly.  She's adjusted well and keeps her new parronts on their toes!  A trip to the US is planned for 2008 and I'm hoping to stop by and visit Jesse.)

Jesse's a Catalina Macaw - a hybrid bird the result of pairing a Blue and Gold Macaw with a Scarlet Macaw.

For more about Catalina Macaws, check out:

Jesse loves to "wrassle" on the floor.  She'll charge up to you (hollering "RahRahr!"), wings extended and then hurl herself against you and roll over.  Then she squirms on her back and tries to grab your fingers with her feet and beak - and makes a squeely sound like a small dog whining.
This was a little wind-up car that she loved.  When we'd make the car "go", she'd run after it, wings spread and stomping like Birdzilla - but when the car stopped.. she'd stop too, and act confused, and then look up at us and make a whining noise ("Mommy/Daddy... how come it stopped?") 

Unfortunately it didn't take her long to start pulling the wheels off, so it had to be "retired".  We'll have to get her another car toy that doesn't have itty bitty wheels she might swallow.

I'm cooking up a crockpot full of beans, corn, carrots, and other veggies for Jesse's meals (cook up a huge batch and freeze most of it for later use).  Here she is checking the results. 


Her verdict:  Good flavor, excellent texture, color fine, and beans roll good when you fling them on the floor.

After a short "floor wrassle" session, Jesse takes a break and sticks her foot in her mouth.
Here you can see her wingspan - and note the splash of yellow on her tail feathers.


Everybody likes a treat now and then.   Its the same for Jesse.  Here she is getting her first taste of banana.  This is the face of a VERY happy parrot...  (mmmmMMMmmmmMMMMM!). 
Bathtime - definitely a favorite activity for Jesse.  Here she is after her first shower.

She jumped up on her bath perch, flapped, squaked, and merrily threw water in every direction.  After I thought she was wet enough, I pulled her out, but she kept jumping back in - she got incredibly wet.  It was quite a battle to get her out of the shower stall.

I've heard that sometimes you have to gently introduce a parrot to a shower experience... that they can easily be very fearful of the water, etc., etc....   Oh yeah? This bird is half fish!

Jesse is her own blow dryer (flapflapflap).