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Adoption Story - Part 2
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When we adopted Jesse in 2005, her brother had been adopted by a family in Pennsylvania.  Later that summer, her brother unexpectedly died (he had a heart condition).  When we realized in 2006 that we'd have to find a new home for her, we contacted them through the breeder and asked if they were interested.  They said that they were, and we exchanged a few emails, but by the time autumn came and we had to get 'serious' about it, they stopped communicating.

I was panic-stricken.  

It seemed reasonable to me that homes for the other birds would be fairly easy to find - but Jesse's situation was quite different.  Not as many people would be interested in a large macaw, even one as loving as her.

The prospect of handing her over to someone who might not understand how to properly care for and train a bird like her was my nightmare.  

I'm delighted to say, however, it worked out beautifully.  After talking to all my bird-loving friends (and soliciting their help in finding a new home) I contacted the bird club that Stephen and I belonged to and asked to place an advertisement on their website and newsletter.  I advertised both Jesse and Pakshi (homes had been found for the others by then).  As it turns out, the man who handles the newsletter and website expressed an interest in Pakshi - and when he and his wife came to meet him, they saw Jesse and asked about her, too.

In the end, Frank and Theresa adopted her and Pakshi.  They showed from the beginning that they would be perfect parronts for both birds.  Pakshi went home with them right away, but they left Jesse with me for a while.  As they waited for the right time to take her home, they visited her (at least once a week) and worked with her to gain her confidence.  She was very tough on them, flying away from them and generally making quite a fuss.  I knew that she'd settle down eventually - and was gratified to see that they were so intent on gaining her confidence and trust.  I knew that people this patient and loving would be perfect for her.

So finally the day came, and they took her home with them.

This could have been the end of the story - but it's not.

Frank and Theresa email me every so often and share with me the latest story about something amazing Jesse did (she learned to turn the lights on/off and kept adjusting the thermostat when they were out of the room).  And gradually there were stories about how she would now "step" for them, and email'd photos of her sitting with them.

Jesse now lives in a home that has several birds, including several large macaws.  She now has a boyfriend.  "Lido" is a 30 year old scarlet macaw who tolerates her playful attention and even allowed her to take over his cage (she and he have swapped cages now).  She's well loved, well treated and looked after by people who understand her and treasure her for the fantastic companion she is.

...and we're all living happily ever after.


Jesse as an infant (June 4, 2005)