Vocabulary - Watch What You Say!  ----      (narrated by Mum)

George's Adoption Story Birdzilla! (How George Nearly Lost His Happy Home) Vocabulary - Watch What You Say! Teaching George to Shower  
George has been with us for two weeks and I have to say that I'm astounded at his range of vocalizations.  I'm working on getting video of him talking, but so far George gets VERY quiet when the camera comes out.  I did manage to get him singing, however:

(October 16, 2009 - the video to the right isn't working... I'm looking into why.  In the meantime... use the link here: )



Here's a running list of things he's said or sounds he's made.  I'm dividing this list into 2 sections.  One is for general "sounds", but the other is for words and phrases which he is saying with clear intent and understanding:

Deep and Meaningful:

  • "Nice" (George uses this appropriately, and only as an adjective.  He says "nice" when enjoying a treat, music, or interactions that he particularly enjoys).
  • "Me?" (this he says in direct response to a question or statement.  For example, if I say "George, what are you doing?" He'll look up at me as ask "Me?")
  • "Whatcha doin?" (and he wants an answer, not just any response.  He'll repeat it over and over until you tell him what you are doing.)

General Sounds:

  • Laka's laugh (Laka imitates me.  George picked it up from her).
  • our canary's whistling
  • The opening notes to "Un Bel Di " - the aria from Madama Butterfly (but instead of the correct lyrics he just sings "laaaaaaaaaaa lala lalaaaaaaa" and so on).
  • "La-la-la-la-la" (the chorus to the song "Loving You Is Easy, Cuz You're Beautiful".)
  • "step away from the vehicle, sir" (Sounds like a police officer talking through a public-address horn. His previous family(s) must've loved cop shows)
  • "Brenda!  Brenda... come to bed now"
  • "Make a pot!" (he's imitating Laka, who has been practicing saying "Laka, make a potty" but hasn't got the second syllable in "potty" down yet.  Interestingly, he just says "make a pot", but omits her name.)
  • "peek-a-boo"
  • water dripping
  • "George is a GOOD boy"
  • "Step up"
  • "Come on, George!"
  • "Ok?  OK?"
  • "Huh?"
  • "Hello!  HellllooooooooOOOO!" (Australian accent)
  • "Hello!" (American accent)
  • "Hello, GEORGE"
  • "mmmmmmmmmWACK!" (loud "smacking" kiss sound)
  • car alarm (oh my... full volume and very convincing.  Thankfully he doesn't do this often)
  • human coughing
  • human throwing up (I could do without this one...)
  •  a very convincing imitation of a human passing gas - (so convincing and "liquid" sounding that you just about want to run from the room.)