Blue Davies - Red Factor Canary - Born September 14, 2006 ----      (narrated by Blue)Blue

Hi!  I'm Blue - an honorary psittacine.  I was so excited when the other birds here voted me "in" that I jumped out of my cage while Dad was changing my treat cup - and I flew all the way into the lounge room and landed here on Laka's perch.

I'm the only passerine here at the moment, but I'm handling that just fine.  There are my parrot brothers and sisters here to keep me company, plus a lot of wild birds that hang out on the deck rail right where I can see and hear them.  My special buddy is "Gus" the kookaburra.  Gus heard me singing one morning and got really inspired.  He and I had a bit of a singing competition going.  Gus lacks melody, but he's sure got volume!

I'm a lot smaller than everyone else here, but I make up for the size with an extra large attitude.  I get along with everyone alright, but it does bug me when the others (especially Laka) climb up on top of my cage.  Here's a snapshot of me top of Laka's cage.  I got here on one of my infrequent walkabouts when Dad opens up my cage door and I dart out.  Laka wasn't sure what to make of me sitting up here, and I sure didn't stay long (parrots are so territorial, and I was afraid she'd go for my feet).  

Here's my own cage.  It's a lot smaller than the others, but I like it well enough.  You can't see my toys in this shot, but I've got quite a few play things just above the camera line.  I've got a primo position in the house.  My cage sits in the open hall just next to the kitchen.  From here I can see all the way from Dad's office at one end of the house to the TV in the family room.  As a result, nothing goes on that I don't know about.