Pakshi Davies
Birthday: September 14
Where Mom Got Me: Local "PetSmart" store
Special Vocalizations: I'm very "vocal" and chatter a lot.  I have been known to say an entire phrase very clearly, but never to repeat it.  Mom thinks I'm holding out on them. 
Favorite Movie: "The Bird Sitter" is my favorite, but I also like scarey shows about ghosts and such, especially when they include wierd spooky music (WooOOOoooOooo)!  Whenever Mom turns on one of those "afterlife" programs, I like to freak her out by acting like I'm talking to a spirit in the room.
Favorite Music: I like to sing to certain songs, especially "The Duke Of Earl", "Disco Inferno", and the Jefferson Airplane classic "White Rabbit".
Least Favorite Sound: Forte screaming.
Favorite Food: steak
Preferred Human: I'm definitely "Mommy's Boy"!
Cuddly Quotient:
I like to be cuddled in short bursts, and only by Mom.  Mom say's I'm a "caffienated bird".   I'll take treats from other people but I'm not terribly "social". 
Favorite Forbidden Activities: I like to fly up and hang on the silk vine that Mom has hanging in the ceiling of the kitchen. It's fun; makes me feel like a "wild bird!"  I can't understand why Mom won't let me sit there!