Ned and Kelly Davies -
Birthday: We don't actually know our hatch date, so we've opted to celebrate on September 14th - which is Pakshi's birthday and Blue's honorary birthday.
Where Mom Got Us: a pet store in Victoria
Special Vocalizations: "Krickett" and "Crickettwicket", mostly.  We aren't terribly loud most of the time, but we like to chatter throughout the day.   
Favorite Movie: We like a good "shoot 'em up" or anything with loud noise and lots of action.
Favorite Music: Anything jazzy, with a good beat.  We don't care for that simpering "swoon" music Laka seems to crave.
Least Favorite Sound: Mom or Dad yelling "get off the refrigerator!"
Favorite Food: rice (especially fried rice)
Preferred Human: We like Dad the best.  He's the one who makes sure we get out every evening.  Kelly gets along with Mom and other humans pretty well, but Ned is very bitey with everyone except Dad (and he bites Dad on regular basis, too).
Cuddly Quotient: Kelly likes to be scritched and cuddled but Ned doesn't.  If they're out together, Ned goads Kelly into biting people just like he does.  She's pretty easily influenced in that way.
Favorite Forbidden Activities: We're a couple of wild characters - bushparrots in the making.  We have a special talent for getting into things, especially anything that we really SHOULDN'T be messing with.  But there's one special "bad bird" activity we really rellish: Pooping on the couch.  Yeah.  It's the BEST.  We love to climb all over Dad when he's in the lounge room and at some point in the evening you can bet that we'll both lay a big ole' honkin' poo on him at some point.  Dad gets pretty aggro over it, but he lets us out anyway.