Laka Davies
Birthday: July 1
Where Mom Got Me: a parrot breeder in Victoria
Special Vocalizations: I'm very "vocal" but so far I just make baby grunts and purrs.  Of course, I can also holler pretty good, but so far I haven't reached that full macaw vocal volume.   
Favorite Movie: So far I've only seen "My Fair Lady".  I tend to want bedtime before Mum and Dad watch movies, so it may be a while before I see anything else.
Favorite Music: I like soft vocals, especially women's voices.  My favorite group at the moment is "Celtic Woman".
Least Favorite Sound: Sometimes I get upset when the cockatoos are screeching a lot (outside).
Favorite Food: macadamia nuts
Preferred Human: Daddy
Cuddly Quotient:
Extreme, especially in the morning. 
Favorite Forbidden Activities: I like to climb on top of the canary's cage and scare the bejesus out of him.