Jesse Davies
Birthday: April 7
Where Mom Got Me: Hartman Aviary (a breeder)
Special Vocalizations: I'm still young and just learning.  I'm very vocal, however, and I make a lot of sounds (screeching occasionally, but not much).  Mom says I'm practicing when I do that. 
Favorite Movie: "The Bird Sitter" is my favorite, but I also like anything with lots of color and flashy scenes.  I'm a little too "itchy" to sit still for very long, though, so I don't really watch TV - mostly I try to BE the entertainment around here.
Favorite Music: I love it when Mom cuddles me at night and softly sings Broadway show tunes - especially the love songs.
Least Favorite Sound: The vacuum cleaner
Favorite Food: Bananas
Preferred Human: Whoever has the bananas
Cuddly Quotient: Extreme
Favorite Forbidden Activities: Mom had my wings trimmed to stop me from flying to the curtain rods - and that worked for the most part, but occasionally I still get up there.  I'm still learning what is OK and what is verboten, so it's somewhat unfair at this stage to say I have a favorite "Forbidden".