Forte Davies
Birthday: Can you believe it?  Mom was so excited the day she got me that she forgot to ask the breeder how old I was.  Mom figures I was probably hatched in January, but we haven't picked a date to celebrate "me" on yet.
Where Mom Got Me: Direct from a breeder at a local "Bird Fair".
Special Vocalizations: Mostly SCREEECH!  I'm more into body language than words. 
Favorite Movie: "The Bird Sitter" is my favorite, but I don't watch much TV.  That's because I spend my "out of the cage" time crawling inside Dad's sweater, and the viewing from there isn't great.
Favorite Music: I prefer soft music. I don't like it when it gets loud.  I'm the only one who should be loud here.
Least Favorite Sound: The sound of somebody else getting attention.
Favorite Food: anything crunchy and messy.
Preferred Human: Dad, but I'll cuddle up to just about anybody, really.
Cuddly Quotient: I just love to snuggle.  I like having my head and neck scritched and my tummy tickled.
Favorite Forbidden Activities: Like all Sun Conures, I specialize in the removal of buttons and other clothing decoration.  I'm also adept at snipping little air holes in shirts and blouses.  Most of Dad's clothing now carries my personal designer mark!