Bubba Davies
Birthday: April 5
Where Mom Got Me: Local "Jack's Aquarium and Pets" store
Special Vocalizations: I'm actually pretty "talky" in my own way, but since I'm not as loud as Bugle Beak (Aussie), Screech Rat (Forte), Trumpet Face (Pakshi) or The Thing (Jesse), I don't get noticed.  I make soft clicks and reptilian purrs, but occasionally will holler out.  I'm pretty good at imitating the other birds.
Favorite Movie:
I love a "shoot-em-up" - a Western with lots of gun fighting and violence.  But Mom and Dad are pretty anti-violence, so I don't get to see much.
Favorite Music: I'm not that interested in music.
Least Favorite Sound: Thunder
Favorite Food: Oat groats, and anything I can steal out of Aussie's treat bowl.
Preferred Human: I really like being  pretty even handed - I like all my humans equally
Cuddly Quotient: I like to be scritched, especially around the top of my head and ears.  And I'll go anywhere with you any time. 
Favorite Forbidden Activities: Oh, I've got a "good 'un"!  I'm the "poop monster" around here.  I love to leave my calling card on Dad's back (never Mom's... they can't figure this one out, hee hee!).  I also love to climb into Aussie's cage, eat a few bits from his treat bowl and then leave a big nasty poo in the middle when I'm done.  Mom says I'm a juvenile delinquent.