Blue Davies -
Birthday: Not sure  - Mom and Dad decided I should share Pakshi's birthday, so we celebrate me on September 14.
Where Mom and Dad Got Me:  a pet store in Victoria
Special Vocalizations:
Are you kidding?  I'm a canary, man!   
Favorite Movie: I'm not a movie fan, really.
Favorite Music: I like running water, the vacuum cleaner, the wind in the trees, and Gus the kookaburra when he sings.
Least Favorite Sound: Mom or Dad yelling "get off the refrigerator!"
Favorite Food: I like fruit of any kind, especially cantalope and apple.
Preferred Human: I'm pretty even handed - I like all my humans equally
Cuddly Quotient: No way.  I'm far to cool to allow anyone to handle me.
Favorite Forbidden Activities: Every once in a while I zip out the cage door when Dad is changing my food or water.  I go on "walkabout" around the first floor, especially in the kitchen, which drives Mum nuts.