Aussie Davies -
Birthday: Not sure - the store couldn't give Mom an exact hatch date.  Mom and Dad celebrate me on June 17.
Where Mom Got Me: Local "PetSmart" store
Special Vocalizations: I sing "Bridge on the River Kwai", "Some Enchanted Evening", and occasionally I do a medly of these 2 (never fails to crack Mom up).  I like to whistle in the mornings, and usually am the first parrot to start in. 
Favorite Movie: I'm a little too ADD for television or movies.
Favorite Music: I like Enya - actually, anything with a woman singing, and the higher pitched, the better.
Least Favorite Sound: Mom or Dad yelling "get off the refrigerator!"
Favorite Food: rice (especially fried rice)
Preferred Human: I'm pretty even handed - I like all my humans equally
Cuddly Quotient: I like to be around my humans, but I'm a little temperamental.  I don't like being touched much, but the occasional scritch on the head is OK.  Mostly I like to snuggle with Bubba.
Favorite Forbidden Activities: I love the top of the refrigerator, and I go there whenever I think Mom isn't watching.  I also like to steal food from the canary's feeder.