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Below are some links to websites that we are especially fond of.  They are in no particular order right now...but we did rate them on a scale of 1-to-5 peanuts.

Lots of information - both general and specific.  A well designed site with easy to follow links and loads of info.

Dr. Walker's Website
Dr Colin Walker (in Knox, Victoria) is a great avian vet.  Mum and Dad can't believe their luck living so close to a good vet.  And here's a link to his "articles" published on his webpage.  He's mostly into racing pigeons, but he knows a lot about parrots.  Check out his "articles" - especially the ones about diseases.  Easy to read and very informative.

Bird Boarding
If you live in the Melbourne area and are looking for a place to leave your birds - we HIGHLY recommend this place.  We left Laka, George, Ned, Kelly, and Blue here for a fortnight during our recent trip to the states.  The birds had a ball at "birdee boarding school" and we were able to relax and enjoy our holiday without having to worry about our avian family.

Dedicated to hybrids.  Tons of photos.

  Listen to Australian Bird Calls
There are some excellent fact sheets and birdsong clips here.  The superb fairy wren recording is excellent.  So is the one for the King Parrot and Kookaburra.  The Rainbow Lorikeet one isn't very good, however - the ones near our home have a pretty call, not like the recording.

Quick Checklist For New Parrot Owners
Hilarious! But only because it's so true...

Facial Bites, Nozzle Nuzzling, & Tummy Kisses
changed a few of her habits after reading this one.

Parrot Poopology 101
Get the scoop on poop!

Hartman Aviary
Jesse came from here (an Ohio-based breeder).  The website is excellent, lots of information about birds.  The video "The Bird Sitter" was filmed at Hartman Aviary (we love watching it, we just wish Mum would play it more often) and you've gotta check out their new "The Aviator" parrot harness (Laka loves hers).

The Parrot Keyboard
You're going to blink twice when you see this one - but we think this fellow is 100% serious...and he may really be on to something.  A "must see" site.

Why Our Mum Hasn't Adopted a Cockatoo
fell in love with a 'too' about the time Bubba and Aussie were adopted.  But she did her research and opted not to adopt one.  Here's why...

Murdered by Oven
A terribly sad story.  Fortunately for us, Mum suspected that the self-cleaning oven might be bad for us...

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