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(lots of photos!) Mum put these pages together for us.  She won't let us near the computer keyboard because we tend to remove the keys.  Click our names to see our personal pages, click our photos for "NAQ" (Never Asked Questions).

George's Web Page
(Red Sided Eclectus)

(updated Apr 13, 2008)

I joined the Davies' household just after Easter in 2008.  I'm working hard on gaining control of the house, but having some trouble, as Liz (my new "mum") seems to intercept my every move.  Have no fear, however...  I'm sure I'll be able to whip these slovenly humans into shape.

Laka's Web Pages
(Blue and Gold Macaw)

(updated Mar 1, 2008)


I've been with Mum and Dad for a 18 months now.  I've worked hard on gaining control of the household.  I was doing pretty well until George showed up.  He and I go a long way back - he was raised by the same breeder that raised me, and George actually helped me learn how to eat like a "big bird" (ie: by myself).  But... well.. I have to admit I wasn't all that thrilled when he came along.  Ah!  Listen to me! Waisting my precious space on GEORGE!  

Ned and Kelly's Web Page
(Green Cheek Conures)

(updated Feb 26, 2007)

We're the Kelly Gang!  We're wild, we're tough, and we're so cute it's illegal!  

Blue's Web Page
(Red Factor Canary)

(updated Jul 26, 2007)

I'm not a parrot, but Laka, Ned, and Kelly voted me an honorary psittacine, so I get a web page, too.  

Our Neighbors
(Various Visitors To Our Yard -  this was Blue's idea!)

(updated Jan 24, 2008)

We all notice the wild birds outside, but Blue is the one who is the most chatty with the neighbors.  He thought we should have a page dedicated to our favorite wild friends.

Our American Brothers and Sisters
Before moving to Australia, Mum and Dad had a family in America.  Unfortunately the Australian customs regulations at the time would not allow Mum and Dad to bring them along, so they all had to find new homes in the US.  Fortunately, everyone did well and we hear from them pretty regularly. 

Web Page

(updated Jan 25, 2008)

Web Page

Black Capped Conure
(updated Jan 25, 2008)

Forte Soleil's 
Web Page

Sun Conure
(updated Oct 16, 2005)

Web Pages

Catalina Macaw
(updated Jan 25, 2008)

Web Page

Hahns Macaw
(updated Jan 25, 2008)

Reunion 2008!
In May 2008, Mum and Dad returned to Ohio for a visit - and while there they
were able to catch up with 4 out of the 5 parrots that they'd left behind - and they
visited with a few other birds, as well.  Here's the story...



Siva and Beignu
(in loving memory)


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