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General Thoughts and Observations

Pet Birds "By The Numbers"
(updated Apr 14, 2006)
Which kinds of birds typically end up needing a new home?  As a way of quantifying this, Mum kept a database of newspaper pet advertisements for a year.
Flying Over the Rainbow
(updated Oct 19, 2008)
In March of 2006, Mum resigned her day job.  She and Dad decided it was time to move to Australia.  They wanted to bring along the birds they'd shared their home with in America.  Here's what happened.
Critical Thinking Your Rational Resource
(updated Oct 8, 2005)
Everybody's got an opinion.  Everybody's right about some things and wrong about some things.  Who can you trust?  Sometimes we need to trust ourselves enough to challenge the self-proclaimed authorities.
Macaw Musk
(updated Nov 25, 2005)
We all have our own personal "scent"!
Feeding the Creatures of the Forest Floor
(updated Jan 21, 2006)
Learn to enjoy the mess we make on your floor...
Night Thrashing and UBE's
(updated Jan 27, 2006)
Things that go "bump" in the night.
The Shameful Tale of Larry (the) Bird
(updated Dec 11, 2005)
"..judge not, lest by the same measure ye be judged.."
Pennsylvania - Nanday Conures In the News
(updated Oct 19, 2008) 
In early 2008, there was a motion before the Pennsylvania Game Commission to ban Nanday Conures in the state.  Fortunately, local bird lovers found out, organized, and presented a strong reasoning voice to the commission.

Thinking About Adopting A Parrot?

What's It Like To Live With A Big Macaw?
(updated Oct 19, 2008) 
We get questions about birds in general, but folks do seem to focus on Pakshi, Laka, and Jesse. 
What Does It Cost? Adopting a Large Macaw
(updated Feb 4, 2008)
This is the answer to the question most people are too polite to ask a new bird owner.  Some expenses are obvious.  Others are not.
Why a Parrot is the Best Companion Animal There Is
(updated Oct 23, 2005)
Not like a cat, exactly, definitely not like a dog.  Parrots are a whole new ballgame - and we think it's the best game going. Here's why.
Why a Parrot is the Worst Companion Animal There Is
(updated Dec 12, 2008)
And here's the "flip side"....
Big Parrot, Small Children
Jan 14, 2006)
Mum says... "Beeeeee careful!"
The Well-Trained Human
(updated Dec 27, 2005)
Pakshi's thoughts about boundaries and respect.  We love our human companions, but there are limits to what even we should be asked to put up with.
Second Hand Bird
(updated Jan 25, 2008)
It could be the best thing that has ever happened to you ... or ...

New Birds and Their Humans

Weaned Baby - Unweaned Baby
(updated Nov 18, 2005)
A controversial topic.
Before Baby Comes Home (Visiting)
(updated Nov 26, 2005)
Mum was primarily thinking of large parrots in this article, but the same can hold true for smaller ones.

Quarantine for Your Newest Bird
(updated Nov 25, 2005)

Mum learned this one the hard way.

A Trip To The "Birdee-a-trician"
(updated Feb 21, 2008)
The "new bird" vet check.
Buying a Cage
(updated Oct 9, 2005)
To some degree it's common sense but Mum's bought a lot of cages in her time and she's made some whopping big and expensive mistakes..  Here's some things she's learned to watch for.

For the "Well-Brought Up" Parrot

(behavior, training, and general care)

The Avian Gourmet  
(updated October 21, 2008) 

Mumsy is often asked what she feeds us.  

Give the Bird a Weigh!  
(updated Apr 19, 2008)

Or is that "Give the Bird AWAY?!?!?!".

The Purple Towel of Death  
(updated Oct 19, 2008)

Mum can be pretty cagey sometimes.

Potty Training
(updated Oct 16, 2005)

It's easy, and it's almost intuitive... almost...
Microchipping - Our Experience
Feb 19, 2008)
What will you do if your bird is lost or stolen?
Avian Overindulgence
Jul 1, 2008) 
You won't believe what Laka did.  Mum is still shaking her head... 
Shower With A Parrot
(updated Nov 12, 2005)
There are no "dirty birds" here at SevenParrots.  Here's some of Mum's thoughts about how to encourage reluctant bathers.
Full-Flighted, Clip, or Trim?
(updated Oct 29, 2005)
We birds are designed for flight.  It's not just a hobby, it's important for our health and happiness.  Mum doesn't think clipping/trimming is a good idea, but she's done it once or twice. 
A Whole New Bird (Molting)
(updated Sep 16, 2008)
Once a year we all go through PMS (Parrot Molting Season).  Here Mum shares her observations about this inevitable, necessary, and ITCHY process. 
A Tired Parrot is a Grumpy Parrot
(updated Dec 10, 2005)
We don't handle sleep depravation well.  Think you're cage cover is enough?  Think again!
Jesse and Her Harness (A Love Story)
Jan 31, 2008)
Let's go bye-bye!
Using a Harness (Winter Practice)
Jan 31, 2008)
Jesse shares her tips on how to retain your enthusiasm for your harness during the foul (pun intended) weather months.
Biting and Pinching
(updated Feb 20, 2008)
Is it aggression, self defense, or playful jousting?
(updated Feb 21, 2008)
A macaw game that Mum isn't all that fond of...
Forbidden Zones: Shoulder Sitting
(updated Dec 26, 2005)
Some of us have shoulder privileges, some don't...
Step Up/Step Down
(updated Dec 12, 2008) 
This is something we need to learn as early as possible.


You Were Hatched Under A Great Sign
 (updated Jan 2, 2006)
As our resident "Sun Conure", Forte thought we should have an astrological article...
Emailing the "Rellies"
(updated May 11, 2006)
When he lived in the US, Dad sent out a monthly newsy email to friends and rellies.  In May 2006, he fell behind on this, and Bubba helped him out.
English as a Second Language (video)
(updated Feb 7, 2008)
(The file size on this is nearly 3 M, so it may take a bit to download)
The Escape Artist-Part 1 (video)
(updated Feb 9, 2008)
Can't say I was thrilled to make this discovery...  but I wasn't actually surprised, either.  It was only a matter of time.....  
The Escape Artist - Part 2 (video)
(updated Feb 10, 2008)
Not AGAIN!?!?!?! 
How To Scritch A Macaw (video)
(updated Jan 31, 2008)
A video starring Laka.
Jesse's Bid for Best Actress (video)
(updated Jan 31, 2008)
She should have been nominated for an acadamy award for this "Sarah Birdhart" act...
Parrot Humor
(updated Mar 1, 2008)
You humans laugh at us sometimes, so it's only fair...
A Language All Our Own
(updated Nov 12, 2005)
Mum and Dad don't get out enough.  They've started making up words and phrases nobody else understands.
Olympic Food Fling Competition
(updated Oct 28, 2005)
From the 2008 Summer Olympics in Bejing.
Parrots At Play
(updated Dec 26, 2005)
It's never wise to allow a parrot to become bored. 


(this section changes throughout the year)

Parrot Christmas Cards from Years Past
 (December 2010)  Updated!
Mum and Dad have been doing their own greeting cards for Christmas for a few years.  Here's some samples...
A Bird's Christmas Carol
We took some liberties with Mr. Dickens' classic...
A Visit from Santa Bird
Yet another Christmas classic gets the parrot treatment.
4-Toed Parrot Stockings
A Christmas craft project.  Something to hang over the fireplace.
Christmas Decorating - Parrot Style
From Ohio in 2005.  We'll add some photos from Australia once mum and dad get moving with the deco's in 2008.
Opening Prezzies (Christmases Past)
 (from 2005)
Photos from Christmas celebrations of years past.  Mum has photos of Laka, Blue, Ned, and Kelly from 2007.  She'll put them up soon.

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