"Our Story"  (by Liz and Stephen)

We were married September 9, 2004 at the Kelton House Museum in Columbus, Ohio. 

We'd originally wanted to marry in Melbourne, Australia (Liz's parents were able to travel, but Stephen's mother Judith could not), but American Immigration policy made marrying out of the US a difficult thing to manage.  So on the day of our wedding, Liz's parents were able to be present, but Judith was not.  The following March, we were able to go back to Australia and visit.  While there, we had an informal reception at Judith's home, and Stephen and I put together a PowerPoint "slide show" using photographs from (then frozen and snowy) Ohio and photos from the wedding, and we had it running on Stephen's laptop so that guests could take a look at it if they wanted to (most did).

 The pictures and text (below) are from that presentation. 

We put together this little “slide show” to share with you some photos from the wedding and tell you a little of the story of how we first met.


How We Met (His) 
On the morning of Saturday, September 4th 1999, as I boarded a tour bus in Madrid, I saw the woman I instantly knew would change my life forever.
Well, OK, I didn’t imagine that then, but I did think: “She looks a bit of all right, I’ll have to chat her up some time”.


“Something old, something new…”

The dress (new) is a replica of a 1920’s tea dress.  The pearls (borrowed) belong to a good friend.  The headband has a blue spangle at the top, and the “something old” is the lovely brooch (pinned to the pearl strand) -- a gift from Judith.


How We Met (Hers) 
I became friends with Stephen’s mom Judith on a tour of Spain.  One day she presented me with an egg cup as a gift.  Then she handed me a second cup saying “Of course you must have the mate – oh! And here’s my son Stephen..."

Judith denies that she was playing "matchmaker", but I love teasing her about it anyway.                                               

Liz and her mum, Jan Hughes


Liz with her father, Jim Hughes


How We Met (His - continued) 
We asked ourselves many times if this really was all worthwhile, but we knew the answer was “Yes”. So, five years after Spain, testing the capacities of the phone and e-mail and finding a path through more immigration laws and bureaucracy than anyone would ever want to know about, our life together was about to begin…


Stephen and Dan (Liz’s brother) trying to look relaxed before the wedding ceremony.


Reverend Boone gives the musicians the signal to begin.  They play “Some Enchanted Evening” as processional.


How We Met (Hers - continued) 
Over a year after the Spain tour ended we were still e-mailing ech other, and our friendship grew.  Then in early 2001, we realized it was more than friendship. We went to Greece.  We went to Paris.  I visited Australia.  Stephen visited me in the USA.  He said he wouldn’t move.  I said I couldn’t move.
But it became clearer to me every day that he’s “the one”.


As the musicians play “Some Enchanted Evening”, Jim escorts Liz up the aisle.


The ceremony was conducted under
the pergola in the garden at the Kelton House Museum.


He does!
She does!
His Ring
Her Ring
Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Davies!
Back along the path, as newlyweds.


“The cake sets the whole tone of the wedding.“ 

Our wedding cake “topper” is a pair of
rainbow lorikeets – complete with a tiny bride’s
veil (for her) and bow tie (for him).


Stephen wisely steps away – we’re not sure Liz should be allowed sharp objects.  
The toast - in Spanish egg cups!
We thank you – our family and friends – for
offering help and advice and just “being there” when we needed you. We are grateful that we have wonderful people
like you in our lives.
..and of course – to Judith, who started it all with a couple of little yellow ceramic egg cups… We love you, Mum!  
… and they all lived happily ever after…