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Seven?:  OK... it doesn't take a genius to figure out there are more than 7 of us.  We started out with seven and then, well, big things happened and the number grew. 

Mission:  We built this website to entertain and to inform.  We hope to share what we've learned and (maybe) make you smile a bit.  We are the proud recipients of awards (thank you!) and participate in Web Rings.  We also have links from our site to other sites we think are worth visiting, and we welcome links from your site to ours.  But this is a personal web site, so we are beholden to no-one (and we like it that way).  All the opinions you read here are ours (or Mom's).  We (and she) reserve the right to be wrong on some issues.

Does the world need another bird-centered website?   Sure!  The beauty of the World Wide Web is that it makes it so easy for all of us to have a voice.  We're not here to compete, repeat, or to "COMPLETE".  We're just another voice - some more folks having a good time.  We encourage you to make your voice heard, too!  Our website is built using commercial-grade tools and hosting (yes... Mom spent some money) and we have our own "domain" (SevenParrots.com) but you can do a lot with the free web hosting services out there - just look around!  And join in the fun by setting up your own website!

Who is our Mom?: Mom is not a breeder, a veterinarian, nor is she involved in the pet trade in any way.  She's just an ordinary person who has been keeping avian companions for 30+ years - and she wants to share what she's learned.

If your birdee is sick - contact an avian vet right away - don't wait! 
By the time a bird shows signs of illness, he/she is VERY sick!

All rights reserved, copyrighted and such.  Be nice or we'll bite you for sure.